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The sea grape (Coccoloba uvifera), is an inhabitant of the Caribbean Sea, and is not similar to the other grapes in the world grown on the climber trees or shrubs.

Sea grape got its name from the clusters shaped like grapes which the plant has. Bermuda, names these sea plants as bay-grape. Spanish areas such as Puerto Rico name it as uva de mar. Greek and the proper Latin name for it is berry and pod. Sea grape plants are openly surrounded by the sea coast from where they easily are approached to salt water from the ocean or sea.

seagrapes by the sea

Sea grapes look like evergreens with a good-looking, golden-brown woof that tends to unwrap. These trees are about 15 to 21 feet in tallness, even capable of reaching up to 30 foot. sea grapes have got a pretty good growth rate.

They have crude, mainly big leaves of going about up to 10 inches; rounded in a circular manner around the stems. Color of the vein which is viewing is usually reddish; where a grownup leaf could also be red in color. They also have got some flowers on the plant having a pleasurable smell and are yellowish and a little white in color small.

Real grapes look similar to the sea grape fruits, where the immature ones are green and the ripen ones are quite black. sea grapes flavor is mostly bitter and thus can’t be eaten freshly picked; but later on they are quite much used in jellies, jams, and custards. Such products could be easily seen in grocery stores.

Besides eating such fruits they also provide benefits to the medicine areas, especially in areas of Mexico. Its juice helps people to treat digestive problems and as well as many other diseases. This plant is also named as manzana and kiiche.

red colored sea grape

A there are a lot of hasty winds blowing in the areas of sea grape plants; they tend to grow very slowly and this which makes the size of the sea grape plant grow to a limit.



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